Income Classification: 4th Class
Congressional District: 3rd District
No. of Barangays: 30
Land Area: 12,405 has. 
Population (NSO, May 1, 2010): 26,419
Registered Voters (COMELEC, January 2010): 14,157

Newly Elected Local Officials (2016 Election)

LNB President
Local Official
Nelson R. Traje 
Artemio A. Mamburao
Carmen O. Vidal
Armando A. Tan
Rommel R. Anca
Pacita M. Barretto
Marlyn L. Itable
Willy R. Sison
Marlon D. Moldon
Ferdinand A. Drez
Epitacio D. Ayanco 
Political Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
United Nationalist Alliance
Liberal Party
Liberal Party
National Unity Party



Historical Background:
During the 17th century, Macalelon had been formerly a party of Gumaca, Quezon. During those times, there were already two sizeable villages called Pinagbayanan Maaliw, where Pinagbayanan was considered the town. Like the coastal towns, Moro Pirates have always molested its village and destroyed properties every time they came; thus, the town has always been plundered  by this abusive Moros. Then, thinking that a town situated to a place where Moro Vintas couldn’t reach would be advantageous to the people, early settlers headed by Don Domingo de la Cruz convinced to look for another town site.

Upon reaching the place where now stand the town of Macalelon, they admired it. They all agreed and decided that the town site at Pinagbayanan be transferred there. On their return, the group came across the swampy stream heavily shaded by clusters of luxuriant and spreading pipisik tress; they have met a Visayan couple along the bank of the stream, fishing with hook and line. Domingo de la Cruz greeted the couple and remarked, “This is a very nice place.”The couple answered by saying, “Yes, this place is Maca”, a Visayan word which means “lilom” in tagalong or “shady” in English.

Geographic Location:
The geographic location of the Municipality is 122 deg. 11’ NE Longitude and 13 deg. 46’ NE latitude. It is situated on the northern coastal portion of Bondoc Peninsula, 95 kms. away from Lucena City, the provincial capitol, and 232 kms. From Metro Manila. Tayabas Bay bounds it on the west and the north by the municipalities of Pitogo and Gumaca, on the south by the town of General Luna and the east by the Municipality of Lopez. 

Major Income Sources: Agricultural, Fisheries, Agro-Fisheries - Industrial

Tourist Destinations: Mountain of Faith, Baybay Beach, Fish Sanctuary

Special Events/Festivals: Kubol ng Macalelon (Lent Station of the Cross), Town Fiesta

Contact Information:
Address: Municipal Hall, Brgy. Rizal, Macalelon, Quezon
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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