DILG holds Joma Sison personally responsible for NPA massacre of civilians in Samar, hails police officers killed and wounded as heroes

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) holds Communist leader Joma Sison personally responsible for the bloody attack and massacre in Borongan City, Eastern Samar that has led to the death of one (1) police officer, two (2) civilians, and the wounding of some 24 others including three (3) minors, one of whom is a one-year-old baby.

He said that Joma is directly responsible not only because the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) exercises direct and absolute leadership over the New People’s Army (NPA) through the party branch inside every platoon but also because Joma even praised and applauded the massacre because it allegedly proved the strength of the Communist movement.

In a statement from his base in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the CPP founder said that the Samar attack on civilians was their answer to the repeated claim of the Army and the police that they have finished off the NPA. “The praise coming from the Netherlands simply shows that this was a premeditated attack on both the PNP and the civilians of Samar meant to deliver a message that the NPA is willing and able to terrorize the people no matter the cost,” he explained.

“This is another brazen act of terror against the people. Unfortunately for Joma, the death and wounding of so many civilians only proves to the people what they really are – a ragtag band of terrorist whose thirst for blood knows no equal,” he said.

Joma even predicted that with this attack the membership of the NPA in the country would continue to rise with the alleged oppression, violence, and corruption of the Duterte administration. He said the successful offensive in Eastern Samar would inspire the NPA to stage more bloody offensives against state security forces.

“We hold all of them responsible for this treachery against the people – Joma and his CPP for ordering this attack, its armed wing the NPA for carrying out this attack, and its political arm, the National Democratic Front for the intelligence, political, and logistical support that enabled the NPA to carry out this treacherous attack against the very people that they said they are fighting for,” said Año.

The DILG Chief called on the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to be true to its word and conduct a fair, thorough, and independent investigation as previously announced by its spokesperson.

“Finally, the CHR has denounced the CPP-NPA-NDF for this massacre which is a deliberate and arbitrary killing, the use of disproportionate and indiscriminate force against state forces and civilians, violations of international humanitarian law, and its wanton disregard for human life. We are hopeful that they will be true to their word and find the Communist Terrorists guilty of crimes against humanity,” he said.

Año also said that the NPA’s indiscriminate use of landmines and Joma’s spirited defense of its use through the years only proves their intent to harm and kill civilians.

“The NPA’s use of land mines is clear and undisputed evidence that they only seek to sow terror among the people. Land mines are indiscriminate weapons, harming soldiers and civilians alike. They remain dangerous after the attack in which they were deployed has ended, killing and injuring civilians and rendering land impassable and unusable,” he said.

He said that the police officer killed in the attack, Patrolman Mark Jerome Rama, and the other police officers of the PNP 1st Eastern Samar Mobile Force Company were just doing their job serving and protecting the community when they were waylaid and ambushed by the Communist Terrorists.

“The DILG honors Patrolman Rama as a hero and will render full honors to him. We also promise immediate assistance to his bereaved family as befitting his act of ultimate sacrifice in the service of the people,” said the DILG Secretary.

Original Article at: https://dilg.gov.ph/news/DILG-holds-Joma-Sison-personally-responsible-for-NPA-massacre-of-civilians-in-Samar-hails-police-officers-killed-and-wounded-as-heroes/NC-2019-1309

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