Millenium Development Goals - Family Based Actions on Children and their Environs in the Slums (MDG-FACES)


The MDG-FACES is an innovative project in addressing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN-MDGs). It is implemented by the Department of the Interior and Local Government – Local Government Academy (DILG-LGA) which was started in 2008. This program aims to improve the quality of life of 600 boys and girls, aged 0-17, from 40 urban poor households, in 15 slums communities nationwide. This is in support to attainment of the MDGs. The objectives of the program are the following:

  • To enhance the capacities of urban poor women/mothers to identify issues, articulate the needs of and set targets for their families, especially that of their children, makes strategic choices and actions, and monitor their children's progress to meet the MDGs using the Family MDG Covenant;
  • To develop and establish quick response mechanisms at the household, city and national levels to ensure concrete actions are facilitated to provide solutions addressing MDG issues affecting children in th slums, including the mobilization of national and local governments, business groups, church, academe and civil society for policy, programme, financial and capacity-building support;
  • To develop and be tested by the community, models on right-based actions and solutions addressing MDG deficits in education, food, health, and environment that directly impact on the quality of life of children in the slums; and
  • To realign and enhance, as a national policy anchor, the National Urban Development and Housing Framework (NUDHF) to address relevant MDGs issues including strategic interventions in the urban slums.

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