Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC)


The RPOC plays a vital role in maintaining the peace and order situation in every region of the country. As a coordinating body, there is indeed a necessity to conduct regular meetings to keep all members abreast of the prevailing condition, yo thresh out issues and concerns affecting peace and order of the area of jurisdiction and to come up with a collective decision.

Furthermore, the conduct of regular meetings will ensure that issues and concerns raised by the sub-regional peace and order councils will be duly addressed by this Body or may be referred to the concerned member agency as deemed appropriate.

MALACAÑANG EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 773 dated January 5, 2009 provides for the Reorganization of the POC

DILG Unnumbered Memorandum dated August 11, 2010 re: Reconstitution of the Regional Peace and Order Councils provides for the Reconstitution / Reorganization of the  RPOC.


rpoc composition


Duties and Functions:

  • Provide forum for dialogue and deliberation of issues and problems affecting the peace a& order;
  • Recommend measures which will improve or enhance peace & order and public safety;
  • Recommend measures to converge and orchestrate internal security operational operations efforts of civil authorities;
  • Apply moral suasion to and/or recommend sanctions against LCE who are giving material and political support to the Communist rebels
  • Monitor the provision of livelihood and infrastructure development programs and projects in the remote rural and indigenous population areas; and
  • Perform all other functions assigned by law, the President or the NPOC.

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