Volunteerism Program


Generally, this project aims to promote NGOs, CSOs active engagement in local governance. An enhanced LGU-CSO partnership in the area of local development is expected to bring about transparent, accountable and participatory governance that gives high regard to the needs and peculiarities of the communities.

Specifically, the project targets to:

  • Develop a Knowledge Map of CSOs participation in local governance
  • Capacitate NGOs, CSOs and Community Leaders on their roles and venues for participation in local governance
  • Improve access of CSOs to local governance through improvement in policy and various local and national venues and strengthening the Local Special Bodies (LSB)
  • Enhance participation of  CSOs by encouraging volunteerism
  • Enrich Accreditation of NGOs in local avenues making them co-leaders in local development
  • Enhance community governance watch mechanisms among CSOs to instill transparency and accountability

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